Hasbro TV Commercial – New Star Wars Rogue One Bop It R2D2 Game – Twist It, Pull It And Take The Game Out Of The Galaxy – Be Top Of Your Game

Twist it, pull it, and take the game out of this galaxy with this R2- D2 version of the classic Bop It game! This Star Wars version of the classic Bop It game works just like the original, but with an intergalactic twist. The game commands you to take certain actions in the voice of C-3PO, and you have to respond as fast as you can. If you get it right, you get another chance, but if you don’t, you’re out! The commands get faster the longer you go on, and you’ll hear the sounds of the loyal droid R2-D2 as you play. You’ll have to be at the top of your game to win at Bop It R2-D2!

Advertiser: Hasbro