IDEAL Games – Doggie Doo – You Feed Him, Roll The Dice And Pump His Lead – Scoop That Poop

Introducing Doggie Doo Game. Doggie Doo, Europe’s top new action game is a must have for every household. Been nagging mum for a puppy? You may change your mind after cleaning up Doggie Doo with this Doggie Doo Game. It may seem childish but we’ve got to admit it – games about Doggie Doo are just plain funny. So expect plenty of giggles as the greedy pup gobbles up all the treats and poops on the lawn. If it happens on your turn then you better clear it up – the first player to scoop three poops wins! Doggie Doo Game is a roll the dice game. When it’s your turn to feed the pup you get a chance to pump his lead and see if a ‘little present’ follows. The game will appeal to anyone with a cheeky sense of humour.

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