Meccano Model Sets – Push Your Imagination To New Extremes – Combine Real Engineering With Motorized Mountain Rally Tech – The Future Is Yours To Build With Meccano

Push your imagination to new extremes as you combine the world of real engineering with motorised mountain rally technology. Tackle the toughest courses with a powerful 3V electrical motor. Carve across towering mountain slopes and jagged terrain with ease thanks to new flex panels and connectors. The spring steel bumper gives the Mountain Ralley its contoured shape. The high tech fabric Flex Panels give the vehicle a finished look and protects it from dust, and dirt and can be used on other builds in the set. After a successful descent, put your mountain rally racer on display or take it apart and build one of the 24 other models you can assemble with this set including other Mountain Rally vehicles like a chase helicopter, an ATV, a pickup and many more. Then, it’s up to you and your imagination to create something even our engineers hadn’t thought of.Explore the mechanical wonders of the world as you scale the heights of rally competition in your Mountain Rally racer. The future is yours to build with Meccano!

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