Wobbly Worm TV Commercial – New From Spin Master, Its Wobbly Worm – Its Twisting, Turning Fun – Loop All The Rings To Win – Fun For All The Family

Can you hoop the loopy worm? Wobbles the Worm has fallen out of the apple tree and hes all dizzy! As Wobbles bobs and spins around, players try to get their three hoops over his head. Get rid of all your hoops first to win! Wobbly Worm is get-up-and-move-around fun for preschoolers! Its twisting, turning fun! Try to hoop the loopy worm with all your rings to win. Wobbly Worm grows with you! Add segments for more motion as you get older. Wobbly Worm stands 3 feet tall at its tallest!

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