Sylvanian Families – Maple House, Car Port And Roof Terrace Play Set – 4 Rooms, Movable Staircase And Balcony – Plenty Of Room For Your Sylvanian Families

This exclusive Sylvanian Families set includes Maple Manor which opens up to reveal 4 rooms, a moveable staircase, a balcony on the first floor, 4 chandelier sockets and 2 additional floor pieces to make extra ground floor space. This Sylvanian Families set even comes complete with a detachable carport and roof terrace. Frasier the Chocolate Rabbit Father, Teri the Chocolate Rabbit Mother and Freya the Chocolate Rabbit girl are also included. This set also comes complete with lots of furniture and accessories to decorate the home. There is furniture to create a lovely country Kitchen, a bathroom with all the necessities and a study for writing and reading or playing the Piano. Plus the Chocolate Rabbit Family can take a drive in the charming Red Family Saloon car

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